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21 September 1817 - 8 April 1903

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Donna Cooper gives us the information for Catherine Oller Marley Fulton, wife of James Fulton:

  1. CATHERINE OLLER MARLEY was born 21 September 1817 in Berkeley County, Virginia to FRANCIS and CATHERINE OLLER MARLEY.

  2. CATHERINE OLLER MARLEY was married 17 January 1835 to JAMES FULTON in Delaware County, Ohio, by the Rev. J. C. Havens.

  3. JAMES and CATHERINE MARLEY FULTON were the parents of seven children
    HENRY (1836 - 1913)
    MARY A. (1837 - 1858)
    WILLIAM HENRY (1839 - 1919)
    CATHERINE (KATE) (1843 - unknown)
    ELIZABETH (1845 - 1923)
    CAROLINE (1846 - unknown)
    GEORGE (1849 - unknown)

  4. CATHERINE OLLER MARLEY FULTON died 8 April 1903 at the her daughter's home in Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa.

  5. CATHERINE OLLER MARLEY FULTON is buried in the Bentonsport Cemetery, Bentonsport, Van Buren County, Iowa.

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